Let’s ask the students at Minsai!

But...life in Japan, there must be somethings that gives you worries. The students at Minsai had also asked themselves such kind of questions. “I really wonder if I can make it there” was a question at the start, but as life in Japan progressed with hard study and everyday life our students now are enjoying their lives.

Student panel

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(*)Students at Minsai in August 2007

Where do you stay?
I live with three people in an apartment. It is quite big and fully refurbished and equipped with an air-con, fridge and TV. We each pay about 30000 Yen per month. One of my friends rents what he says is a comfortable apartment for himself near the Minsai. He pays about 40.000 Yen per month. apartment
Do you make your own meals?
I usually make my own meals. Sometimes I go out and have some ramen or other kinds of meals at nearby restaurants. You can select from a list of many restaurants in Kyoto. There are also many convenience stores and supermarkets which make life easier where you can always grab a premade boxed meal. I pay about 30.000 Yen per month for meals.
What is your goal studying in Japan?
My goal is to go to an university. The entrance exams are not easy, but I often consult with my teachers. I get useful advice and recommendations from them about which universities suit my ambitions and skills.
What do you do if you get seriously sick?
If we get seriously sick and need treatments in the hospital, we have (as students on long term courses) health insurance that covers a majorrity of the costs. The facilities and services in the hospitals are superb. It is reliering to know one’s health situation and a compulsory health check is required each year.
What surprised you the most when you got to Japan?
In my country we drive on the right side of the road and here they drive on the left side.
It took me some time to get used to. I was surprised that it is so clean here and that everybody obeys the traffic rules.
I was also amazed that the weather forecasts are so detailed and so accurate.
Do you have a part time job in Kyoto?
Yes, on the weekdays I work 4 hours daily in a factory that makes mobile phones which is only 5 minute ride on my bicycle from school. There are many places like restaurants and boxed lunch factory that other students work part time. The staff at the school can help to you find part time job.
Why did you choose this school?
The teachers at my school in our country recommended it to me. I checked on the internet and saw that they have detailed information and it caught my interest.
How is the weather in Kyoto?
In Kyoto there are four clearly distinguished seasons. The winter is cold for me as a native of the tropics. The summer is just like my country, humid and hot. The spring and autumn are beautiful and pleasant. The autumn foliage can be seen all around in many colors. In spring there are sakura, cherry flowers which this city is famous for. At the riverside in front of our school there are beautiful sakura every spring.
How do you go to school?
There are access with buses, but I do ride my bicycle. It is convenient with a bicycle becouse we can ride all over Kyoto.
What do you like most as a student of Kyoto Minsai?
I like the school excursions to the cultural heritage sites in Nara and the BBQ party in the summer on the shore of Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. There are the sport competitions held every year in which we compete with other Japanese language schools that I also look forward to. 校外学習

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