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« 2020年5月 | MINSAI BLOG TOP

Japan's government released its coronavirus contact tracing app for iOS and Android.


Japan’s government released its coronavirus contact tracing app for iOS and Android. 


The apps rely on Apple and Google’s co-developed exposure notification platform, using Bluetooth to help determine whether users have come into close contact with others who have tested positive for COVID-19.


Though the app store listing simply reads “COVID-19 Contact App,” Japan refers to the app as COCOA, a somewhat convoluted backronym that stands for COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application. It was developed by Microsoft engineers.


COCOA doesn’t store personal information like location data or phone numbers, the government says, in accordance with Apple and Google’s tracking platform. Instead, it records encrypted data flagging phones that have been within one meter for more than 15 minutes; when one person reports the fact that they have tested positive for COVID-19, those other users will be notified.


If you come to Japan, please download "COVID-19 Contact App" from Google play or App Store.


Contact Confirmation Application Privacy Policy 


Contact Confirmation Application Terms and Conditions of Use 


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